My Addiction, Our Second Chance.

My husband Danny, wrote a piece of our story to share with People of the Second Chance.  I am so grateful for this inspiring group of people and their message for hurting lives. I am also proud of my husband, who has revealed to me the love of Christ through his own brokenness. I admire his courage to continually share about something so painful, yet something that radically changed our lives for eternity.  You can read our story that was featured today on the POTSC website here :

2 thoughts on “My Addiction, Our Second Chance.

  1. jen…please tell danny thank you for sharing. i am walking closely with a friend who is working his way out of the rubble of his collapsed life–one that loss and the use of drugs and alcohol led him to to build with no foundation in christ. god has taken it apart so that he can be the cornerstone this time. i am humbled by how profoundly those who are honest about their “train wrecks” can touch and change the lives of people who see and hear their story of redemption.

    • Thank you so much Kris! I will be sure to tell him. So true what you said…God literally takes apart what seemingly “holds” a life together, to make room only for the building of a foundation resting on Him. I pray for your friend, and for you as you walk along side him during this season.

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