Twelve in Twelve

Hope, inspiration, encouragement, and ACTION are the themes I am reaching for this year….most notably action! Thus the Twelve in Twelve…a list of things I have always wanted to do, but have been putting off. Things that are relatively simple looking on paper, but have seemed just out of reach for me. I challenge myself this year to find that they are not out of reach, but within grasp.

Twelve in Twelve

  1. Grow a garden
  2. Learn to take pictures in manual mode
  3. BLOG
  4. Run a 5k
  5. Cook MUCH more
  6. Eliminate clutter in our home
  7. Live on a budget
  8. “Junktique” more furniture
  9. Play outside more
  10. Go kayaking
  11. Really celebrate holidays
  12. Go star-gazing

Oh, Knowledge how I love thee, but as the saying goes: “The great end of life is not Knowledge but Action.”

2 thoughts on “Twelve in Twelve

  1. I’m feeling inspired by your list, but this season of life just isn’t the time to follow my dreams, so I must life vicariously through you for now! I know what a big deal this is and I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to read about your adventures in this area. Cheering you on from afar!

    • There are adventures in every season…including the one you are currently in. Tuck those dreams away for now if you must…they have a way of coming back full circle. :) Thank you so much for all you love and support!

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